Thursday, July 31, 2008

Artists around the world have limited avenues to display their artistic talents. Maccaca is the premiere site that allows artists of all kind - writers, painters, musicians, actors, directors, lyricists, cartoonists, etc. to showcase their talent online to millions of people for free.

Connoisseurs now have a single site to view the artistic talent -
Maccaca. Listen to their music, see their acting skills, view their directorial talent, read their stories, laugh at the funny cartoons - all without jumping from site to site. All the features are free.

Maccaca is an online museum of art that provides artists with a free venue to showcase their artistic talent. And for consumers a bonanza of art to view and admire.

Maccaca helps artists earn some money by either selling their art through the website or directly to the consumer. More and more updates will be posted on this site. Subscribe to get updates.

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